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Special Tours

Trips for students in Morocco , vacations for end studing
Deserts, beaches, medinas, riads, oasis, mountains .. ,its magic and mental peace.
We organize your special trip in Morocco
Relationships between the urban and rural spaces.
Morocco offers an endless variety of landscapes, a paradise for trekkers and walkers.
With so many holiday itineraries and options available on the market why would you choose to book yours with Marrakech Xperience?
Dreaming of that perfect location for your special celebration?
Family holidays, especially when traveling with younger children and toddlers, present the parents with many challenges as not all itineraries fit your ideals.
We have a unique and exclusive selection of places with the best Spas, Saunas, hot springs, mud baths, massages, holistic detoxification and rejuvenation therapies.
Luxury tourism in Morocco has been rising lately because of the many new five stars hotels like "Riads" being built and restored around the country.
Morocco is on everyone’s bucket list, it’s the perfect country for that dream holiday.
The advantage of taking a guided tour with us is that you can get a lot of factual information because all the guides are local, which makes the trip much more interesting and fulfilled.

Morocco Off road Expeditions - Desert Trip & Safaris

Within our wide range of destinations, we want to offer a top trip.